Technology Components

DS Triple uses the best standards of general components for our plants, such as pumps, valves, and instrumentation. However, we make the key components for our technology ourselves, and for most parts exclusively for ourselves.

There are a few components, though, which we have chosen to be available for integration in already existing and in new plants.

Injector Type RG

A very successful injector, which is already the ‘reliable workhorse in many installations’ with good functionality over a large span of products and capacities. It is a true bestseller!

Key Features:

  • Unique design as the only nozzle equipped so that the entire unit is CIP’able, including the channels.
  • Low noise level
  • Available in 3 sizes to allow for capacities from 120 up until 30.000 liters.

Injector Type TTC

The TTC injector is especially suited for feed with particulates.

The dual tangential inlets of steam and product ensures thorough mixing of the steam in a very short timespan and thereby low noise levels.

The TTC can accept particulates as large as 12 mm cubes even in the smaller executions allowing feed of slurries and with impurities to be processed.

The injector is designed to allow the product to pass through the steam injection point ensuring that the entry-point is maintained at low temperature.

The conical conclusion of the injection chamber ensures the total absorption of steam prior to the end of the nozzle chamber hence providing surety of a well defined start of the holding time.

Key features:

  • Especially suited for feed with particulates
  • Low noise level
  • Available in 4 sizes to allow for capacities from 750 up to 5.000 l/h

Pulsation Damper Type HMPD

The HMPD (Hollow Membrane Pulsation Damper) is built to sustain long productions and for inline CIP, avoiding disassembly.

Being designed for aseptic performance it also lends itself to general purpose dampening of pulsations in all food plants.

The thoroughly engineered and manufactured HMPD allows for several days of production with the right design of the plant to which is applied.

Key Features:

  • truly positive leakage detection
  • molded foodgrade silicone insert
  • safe and rigid design
  • increasing uptime and safety of production

Sterile Water Unit

The DS Triple Sterile Water Unit is designed to sterilize water whenever there is a need for cooling/lubrication with sterile media in pumps, valves, and homogenizers.

Usually, this is done by providing steam condensate by condensing steam by using cooling water, but by just sterilizing water there is an approx. 85% reduction of water and steam consumption when compared to the generic method described above.

In most cases, because of this the return of investment (ROI) is less than a year!

Obviously, the environment benefits in a major way as well, and so does the lifetime of gaskets and seals as the lubrication temperature can be lowered which often leads to the twice or more operational hours without having to perform service, which again benefits up-time generally.

Key Features:

  • environmental benefits
  • less energy consumption
  • extended uptime and less service costs
  • ROI less than a year