Injection UHT

The injection UHT represents the next generation of injection plants when it comes to hygiene, environmental concern as well as being an effective investment.

Sharing many of the highly valued attributes of the infusion UHT, our injection UHT tops it with our in-house designed steam injector that is compliant to EHEDG guidelines, has a low noise level and is fully capable of inline CIP of all parts of the unit.

The plant already has a proven record with high uptime, low carry-over and an optional regenerative of recovery of heat from the vacuum steam, in most cases a return of investment (ROI) of less than a year.

Customer Benefits

  • The best performance of an injector UHT plant in terms of product treatment complete with CIP capability of all parts of the injector.

  • The RG injector is the only steam injector for the food industry which is compliant with EHEDG guidelines.

  • Optional regeneration of the steam in the flash system enables the system to have the lowest consumption of steam in the market.

  • Robust performance with solid record for uptime and low maintenance demand.

  • Lowest environmental impact for the category of technology due to class-leading heat recovery.

  • Best in class values for carry-over in the flash chamber at max. 1/3 of the nearest competitor.


1.000 – 30.000 kg/h

Product Media

The plant is especially suited for:

  • high quality white milk
  • plant-based drinks
  • cream
  • ice-cream
  • sauces, dressing etc.