Infusion UHT

While infusion UHT has long been considered the pinnacle of all thermal processing methods, the latest DS Triple infusion system can now safely be viewed as just that.

The new SSIN technology has proven its worth in several plants, delivering stellar results, both in product quality and length of run stability with a design that meets the highest criteria for hygiene, precision and cleanability.

In our plant design we have been mindful about the product quality, robust performance, the environment, and yet, being the best in class for ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ considerations based on performance within resource consumption, uptime, and service friendliness.

Customer Benefits

  • Lowest heat and mechanical load on the product of any plant in the market.

  • Robust performance with a solid record for uptime and low maintenance demand.

  • Lowest environmental impact for the category of technology due to class-leading heat recovery.

  • Best in class values for carry-over in the flash chamber at max. 1/3 of the nearest competitor.

  • High efficiency and low risk of maintenance as the plant is truly compliant with the CE norms.


1.000 – 30.000 kg/h

Product Media

The plant is especially suited for:

  • high quality white milk
  • plant-based drinks
  • cream
  • ice-cream
  • sauces, dressing etc.


SSIN Technology (Patent Pending)

The new SSIN* (Suspended Self-aspirating Infusion Nozzle) provides ultimate control of the infusion process:

  • Natural aspirated access of steam to the product from both sides.
  • More effective de-aeration of the product during the infusion process prior to the holding time.
  • Even pressure and flow to all nozzle entries for even distribution.
  • The best control in class of average residence time in the nozzle and chamber .
  • Driven effective self-cooling system to eliminate hot and cold spots.
  • No risk of burn-on combined with uniform effective CIP of the whole nozzle even at production capacity.
  • Ultra-hygienic design of every detail ensures no crevices or dead corners.

Vacuum chamber with FCS (Forced Centripetal Segregation) and RA (Rotational Assist)

The newly developed vacuum chamber with centripetal wringing effect (FCS) and assisted rotation (RA) provides a class-leading separation of product:

  • Besting all competition with lowest in class carry-over with COD (dry matter) levels at only 33% of the nearest challenger.
  • Potential for using condensate due to the constant low level of organic matter contained.
  • Predictive level control reduces the risk of running dry.
  • Separate condensate pump with savings of up to 75% of power consumption.
  • Optional two-step cooling of the vacuum steam to extract maximum energy saving with an estimated payback time of less than 1 year.

Sterile Water System – reducing the consumption of steam and water to approx. 15% compared to condensate systems

The self-contained sterile water production system sterilizes the lubrication water for the homogenizer:

  • Saves 90% of both water and steam consumption when compared to condensate-based generation of lubrication water.
  • Due to the colder lubrication temperature the piston seals will last much longer in our systems, in some case up to 1800 hours of production before service is needed.
  • Internal pressure and flow control ensure that the system is resistant to variations in water pressure.
  • Integration in the CIP of the plant is available in case of soft water supply not available.

Inline pulsation dampers – allowing for weeklong up-time

A setup with pulsation dampers lends itself to multiple days of up-time:

  • Is cleaned in-line by CIP, no manual cleaning required.
  • Self-contained with no need for complicated systems or make up functions.
  • Positive leak detection with possible use of steam as flush medium.
  • Low maintenance cost based on simple design.