DS Triple is proud to present the TTC steam injector (Twin-Tangential Centripetal) which is particularly suitable for products with particulates, slurries etc. that would normally not be possible to produce reliably in an in-line injection setup.

The system is robust and handles particulates in the stream of up to 10x10x10mm even in the smaller capacities.

The injector is fed tangentially with both steam and product, allowing the steam and product to mix rapidly.

The order of the introduction of the two phases is key to the functionality. Product enters at the far end of the unit, travelling past the entry point of the steam where the rotation is further accelerated. As the back end retains low temperatures, CIP is made easier to clean and the risk of black spots is lowered.

The residence time in the ‘reaction chamber’ is extremely short before it enters a centripetal exit port, where any remaining vapor is suppressed and condensed by the increasing pressure based on the centripetal force.

In line with DS Triple’s principles, the injector is made for CIP of the entirety of all parts including the steam inlet.

The highly advanced design and construction exceed all construction norms of the EHEDG guidelines.

General specifications

  • Output temperatures from 70°C to 160°
  • One-step temperature rise in the range of up to 80 degrees.
  • Capacities from below 1000 l/h to 5000 l/h.
  • Can deal with particulates up to 10x10x10 mm at lower ranges up to 15x15x15 mm at higher ranges.
  • Low sound level (when running in range).
  • Dual tangential inlets with centripetal action to suppress uncondensed steam.
  • Fully CIP’able including the steam feed entry.
  • Proven performance.