About DS Triple

Our Mission:
Leadership by creating solutions, enabling our customers to drive product quality and productivity up, still lowering overall cost and environmental impact by making superior aseptic technology available.

Our Approach

DS Triple is a diverse and passionate group of people, who joined up some years ago, with the simple idea that agility was lacking in the industry for aseptic processing solutions.

Our forefathers in the industry were often individuals with good ideas, curiosity and entrepreneurial in nature. It is on those shoulders that we all stand today. Therefore, it was decided to apply this proven concept to create something new, something that would make a real difference.

So now, a few years later, we can acknowledge the value of our choice, as it has indeed worked for us as we have worked to apply recognized philosophies to our modern working environment.

This has meant that many new successful developments have already been brought to the market, and as DS Triple grows, new blood with new ideas have been added to the company giving hope for even more growth and plurality of ideas.

This could not be achieved without combining the skills of experienced staff with the hiring of young engineers in a fertile sharing of solid knowledge and new possibilities.

Our Work

The result of our efforts is an array of inventions and novel improvements that are evident on our website as well as on real factory sites around the world.

Our work has yielded results within the infusion, injection and tubular heat exchanger technologies where we have introduced new technologies that already benefits several of our customers, as we continue to launch our solutions to our growing share of customers.

For instance, we have patents pending in terms of a new way of controlling energy transfer. This is a major milestone in being able to lock in the temperature profiles and regenerative effects of indirect heating systems.

Our inventions goes a long way to maximizing savings on resources and energy, minimizing product losses both in terms of change overs but also in terms of the carryover from the flash chamber where we have achieved results that are 3 times better than other systems in the market.

With more innovations on the way, we are true to our chosen heritage by bringing the aseptic industry several steps forward in such a short time.

We are pleased as a team to prove once again that old-fashioned visions and values remain valid in our modern world.

“DS Triple values every stakeholder, believing that good intentions create good results, and that good is sustainable, for now, for all and for the future.”

Karsten H. Olesen
Founder and Managing Director